God speaks to us using imagery in His Word. He can also speak to us using visions, dreams or an image in our spirits. He is called the good Shepherd. So now we can picture how He leads and takes care of us. In Psalm one, the psalmist describes that when we meditate on God’s Word, we are like a tree planted by streams of water. This tree produces fruit in its season and its leaves remain green. This tree stays alive while growing strong and staying healthy.

In Hebrews 1:1 it says that God speaks many times and in many different ways to us by His Son. So, one of the ways He will speak to us is through pictures in our minds. This image is inspired by the Holy Spirit and God speaks through it. And then the children draw what they see and are feeling. These prophetic pictures should always be edifying, comforting or encouraging. 

At IHOPABQ, we have set up a table for children to draw pictures of what God is speaking to them. Some children cannot write words yet, but they can see images and draw that picture of what they see in their spirit. Their spirits are built up because God is speaking straight to their heart. They have encountered a living God. These pictures release the beauty and awe of God. God is expressing His love in a tangible way. 

That is what happens in the IHOPABQ prayer room. Children get to experience God, increase in their knowledge of Him and as a result go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

Come and bring your whole family to the prayer room.